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Javascript Clock: Javascript Clock is a Javascript-producing design tool for creating clock script which will display current time at the lower-right corner of the web browser.
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Javascript Clock



Supported languages: English
Supported OS: Win95 / Win98 / WinME / WinNT 4.x / Windows2000
Downloaded: 674 times
Free download (468 Kb) Buy full version for only $9.99!
Javascript Clock is a Javascript-producing design tool for creating clock script which will display current time at the lower-right corner of the web browser.

Script can be customized highly and easily by using Script Configuration Program. You can define style, color and more for the script. You don't need to write any code by yourself. Script Configuration Program will generate it for you. You can preview the script in your favorite web browser without quitting the program. All relative files that you need to upload to server will be saved along with the project file so that you can easy to get them and publish them to Internet. A detailed document will help you to master anything about this script. But in most cases you can finish the design work without reading anything from document. With this easy-to-use applet development tool, you can create a professional script just in minutes!

Keywords: Java Javascript Menu Button ImageMap Image Map Navigation Navigator Glide Slide Gliding Sliding WYSIWYG Web Design Tool Web Development Tool Web Design Web Development Webmaster
Free download (468 Kb) Buy full version for only $9.99!
Rated 1/10 (3251 votes)
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